How to Choose and Install a Shower Shelf

If you’re looking to buy a shower shelf, you’ve probably got several questions. First, how much should a shower shelf cost? Second, which type of shower shelf is right for your space? Finally, you’ll want to know how to properly install one. If you want to avoid a fractured shower shelf, here are some things to consider.

Cost of a niche or shelf

Shower shelves and niches can be creative and stylish but the price tag can be high. While you may be able to purchase a pre-made niche for $400-600, they don’t offer much storage space. Most can only hold two or three bottles of products. It is also difficult to cut studs in a pre-existing wall and may require patching other areas of the house.

Shower shelves and niches are available in a variety of styles. A niche can house shower accessories at eye level and out of the way. They also create more space for movement. They can be as small as a soap holder or as large as the entire shower wall. However, they are not necessary for all types of showers.

A niche is an attractive option for a small bathroom. However, it can be a significant space-hog. A ledge, on the other hand, runs the length of the shower wall and can accommodate numerous bottles and shower items. The downside of a ledge is that it is not easy to keep things organized.

Shower shelves and niches are expensive. A recessed niche can run upwards of $1200. A shower shelf and niche should be chosen with a budget in mind before tackling the actual construction process. However, proper planning can make all the difference in the long run. It’s always better to choose the best shower storage options and plan for them from the very beginning.

Shower shelves and niches are made of durable ABS (Acrylic-Bisphenol-Styrene) that is water resistant and lightweight. This material is also waterproof and doesn’t erode over time due to water infiltration. This makes shower niches and shelves an excellent choice for bathrooms that require additional storage.

Shower niches and shelves are also a great solution for smaller bathrooms. Shower shelves and niches provide a clutter-free storage solution. They can be custom-made or purchased prefabricated and installed on the shower wall. They are easy to install but require some framing and waterproofing membrane.

Types of niches

There are different types of niches for shower shelves, depending on your needs. Choose one that fits your shower’s space and adds some aesthetic appeal. You can choose one that’s close to the shower head or across from it. The niche should be accessible without having to reach through the spray to get to the items you need. You can also use accent lighting to add some character to your shower niche.

Shower niches can be either recessed or built-in. Recessed niches are built into the wall framing and are a space-saving option. However, if you want a longer niche, you may need to modify the wall framing studs. This can be a little more expensive. In addition, recessed niches may not be easy to retrofit, so you should consider the space available before making the decision.

Recessed niches can blend into the surround of the tub or shower. These niches can be surrounded by a rough tile border or a smooth tile border. The former option blends into the surrounding area and adds an elegant touch to your shower. A recessed niche can also be made of a mix of marble or other materials.

Vertically oriented shower niches have the advantage of allowing more shelves than horizontal ones. They can also accommodate larger bottles. The height of the niches in your shower also depends on the size of your household. You should also consider where you’d like to place the niche, as studs, pipes, and other hardware could interfere. It also adds more definition to your shower design.

Natural stone shower niche shelves can enhance the style of your shower. However, you should make sure to match the stone you’re using with the surrounding shower wall tile. One of the most common natural stones for niche shelves is marble, as it is easy to cut and polish. Marble also makes a very beautiful sill. Visit here at to read more home accessories-related blogs.

Another type of shower niche is a tile-ready niche. These are much easier to install than custom niches. The preformed niches come with a waterproofed box. They are also easier to tile because you don’t have to deal with a waterproofing membrane. In addition, they’re made with special materials that make it possible for tile mortar to stick to the surface of the niche.

Size of niches

There are a few different factors to consider when selecting the size of niches for your shower shelves. First, you should make sure the niche you choose is no wider than the studs in your shower wall. Typically, studs are no wider than 16 inches apart. Secondly, you should make sure that the niches are tall enough to store all of your shower products. You can test this by measuring the tallest shower bottle that you own. For example, a pump bottle will require a much higher niche than a standard bottle.

Niches can be symmetrical or asymmetrical. Asymmetrical niches can be used to balance off-center design elements. Long and linear niches are a great option if you’d like to make the most of the available space. Either way, a shower shelf with niches is functional and stylish.

A bathroom contractor can assist you with determining the best niche size for your bathroom. You should also consider the tile dimensions to determine the best position. For instance, if you’d like to place a tile niche in the corner, it’s best to install it on a stud.

If you plan to install a large horizontal niche, you will need to install a waterproofing membrane on the shower walls first. You’ll also need to ensure that the wall is parallel to the walls so that the tile assembly won’t collapse. A custom niche can be more costly but will improve your bathroom’s functionality and comfort.

Niches in your shower can be as large or as small as you’d like. The size and placement of the niches are crucial to the overall look of the shower, so it’s best to hire a professional to do the job for you. Once you have the niches in place, you can then install tiles on them.

You can also choose to place LED lighting strips in your shower niches to add aesthetic appeal and ambiance to the space. You can also ask for a custom size and shape for the niches in your shower. It’s also important to consider the specific items that you plan to hang on your shower shelves. Some niches are not tall enough to hold a large pump bottle, so you may want a niche that is a little taller.

A Shower Shelf Can Be a Useful Addition to a Shower

A shower shelf can be a useful addition to a shower. You can find various kinds of niches that are suitable for placing a shelf. The niches can be made from cement board and can be painted. You can also add sides to your niche by using a cement board. This can help you make it waterproof.

IKEA shower rail

This shower shelf is designed to attach to an existing IKEA shower rail. Its smart function allows you to adjust the shelf height, making it convenient to reach your shampoo and conditioner. Its sleek chrome finish is easy to clean. You can also adjust the shelf to fit your style. The shower accessories from IKEA are coordinated, so you can choose the right one for your shower.


IKEA Vipp shower shelf is a functional addition to your bathroom shower area. Made from acid-resistant materials, it is easy to clean. Besides, you can easily adjust its height. It will make it easier for you to reach your shampoo and conditioner. And since the shower shelf is available in various designs, you can also add your own touch to it.

Schluter trim

The Schluter SHELF E range of shower shelves is an attractive storage option for tiled shower areas. These shelves can be directly integrated into the tile assembly during the installation process or retrofitted into existing joint spaces using 2 mm attachment lugs. These shelves can also be installed in corners and are silicone-applied for optimum load transfer.

Schluter offers a variety of different finishes, colors, and textures. The Schluter Dilex-AHK, for example, is water-repellent and meets strict hygienic requirements. This material is suited for tiled environments and is available in Satin Anodized Aluminum, Tuscan color-coated aluminum, polished chrome, brushed nickel, and Stainless Steel finishes.

Fireclay tile

A Fireclay tile shower shelf can be a beautiful addition to a bathroom. These handmade ceramic tiles are made locally in Aromas, California. They are resistant to moisture, and their durable design can last for generations. They are available in a range of colors and styles. Fireclay offers an array of shower tiles in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

The shower shelf is typically recessed into the shower wall or tub surround. The shelf can be custom-built or purchased prefabricated. Both are available in one-, two-, or three-shelf models. If you’d like to create a unique design, you can even design the shower niche to fit the space.