Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2 – Cast, Plot, and Release Date

Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2 is in the works. Here we’ll discuss the cast, plot, and release date. It is a great series that focuses on the lives of secret agents. The cast of Tell Me Your Secrets includes Lily Rabe, Amy Brenneman, and Hamish Linklater. Other stars returning for the second season include Stella Baker and Bryant Tardy. You can also expect to see new faces in this new season.


Tell Me Your Secrets is an upcoming American television series that will premiere on TNT before moving to Amazon Prime Video. It is created by Harriet Warner and executive produced by Bruna Papandrea and Casey Haver. The show will explore the relationships between women and the secrets they keep from others.

The show has been renewed for a second season. Many of the cast members from the first season are returning. Lily Rabe will reprise her role as Emma Hall, Hamish Linklater will play John Tyler and Amy Brenneman will return as Mary Barlow. Bryant Tardy and DougSacant are also rumored to join the cast of Tell Me Your Secrets. However, it is unclear if Xavier Samuel will return to the show. However, he could make an appearance in flashbacks.

The first season of the show was met with mixed reviews. Many viewers thought the show was a flop, but some gave it high marks. This shows the show has staying power. The cast is diverse and talented, and the storylines are twisty and tense. The show revolves around a troubled woman’s attempts to recollect the memories she has suppressed.

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Tell Me Your Secrets season two will continue the series’ storyline. Emma Hall, a woman in Witness Protection, is trying to find her daughter. Mary’s actions have made her the object of suspicion and blame. Then she finds out that her daughter had nothing to do with John. With many unanswered questions, Tell Me Your Secrets season 2 will likely be an even more twisted and dangerous series. If you’re interested in finding out more about this show, be sure to watch the trailer below.

The series revolves around a trio of characters with murky pasts. Emma hall once looked into the eyes of a dangerous killer, John is a former serial predator, and Mary is a grieving mother searching for her daughter. As the plot progresses, each of these characters’ pasts become murkier and their motives more complicated.


The main plotline for Tell Me Your Secrets season 2 will most likely continue the Emma versus the World theme from season one. We know that Emma is going after John Tyler, but what else? We also know that Peter Guillory is involved with the Jerome House. If that is the case, we can expect to see Peter Guillory turn against Emma. If this happens, we can expect a very intense season of the show.

Tell Me Your Secrets season 1 ended with an epic twist, but there is still a lot of mystery ahead. This is a series that will continue to cause its viewers to worry about the characters. The first season of the show featured the troubled woman, Emma Hall. The series also follows her attempts to remember the past. It also features her dating a serial killer named Kit Park.

This series also features a cast of characters with a variety of complicated pasts. One of the main characters, Emma, once looked into the eyes of a dangerous killer. Another character, John, was a former serial predator. A grieving mother named Mary Barlow, meanwhile, tries to track down her missing daughter. The investigation leads her to uncover a dark history in the town of Jerome, Louisiana.

After the end of the first season, the main cast of Tell Me Your Secrets is left in awe and wondering what is going to happen next. After all, there are so many unanswered questions, and the series will have more than one great episode. You can expect multiple standout thriller episodes from the series this year.


Amazon Prime hasn’t officially announced if Tell Me Your Secrets will return in season two, but the series is already streaming on the service. Amazon is likely gauging audience response before making a decision. However, you can expect new episodes to be ordered as early as spring 2021.

Tell Me Your Secrets season 2 begins with an incredibly twisty episode, but it lags a bit in the middle. The show is still packed with Good ideas but lacks the time to properly explore its storylines. As a result, the show becomes a jumbled mess of set pieces and doesn’t fully coalesce until the final episode.

While the show has a few obvious crime show beats, it also tries to put women in complex roles, such as Mary Barlow. This changes the stereotypical role of a grieving mother, as the character is no longer just a victim. She also ends up hiring a former convict, John Tyler, to help her with the investigation.

Very intriguing backstory

The show has a very intriguing backstory, and the mystery behind the series is not completely clear. TNT canceled the series after the first season because the show wasn’t the right fit for the network. However, the show’s cast includes TV vet Amy Brenneman, as well as real-life couple Hamish Linklater and Lily Rabe. They also star in the HBO limited series The Undoing. The series is created by Harriet Warner of Call the Midwife fame.

The first season ended with a twist in the plotline. While Mary tries to uncover the truth about her daughter, she doesn’t fully remember what happened to her in the past. After all, the mysterious death of Freya has led to the discovery that she wasn’t her daughter. The enigmatic Theresa is now wanted by the law. The show will need to resolve several other issues before it can move on to the second season.

Release date

While the plot of Tell Me Your Secrets season 2 isn’t exactly known, the first season ended on an explosive note. The upcoming season is likely to pick up where the first season left off and will feature more of Mary, Theresa, and Emma. It may also involve the arrest of Mary, which would be a major twist.

Season 2 of Tell Me Your Secrets is expected to premiere during the first half of 2022. The cast is the same as that of the first season, including Lily Rabe as Emma Hall, Hamish Linklater as John Tyler, and Amy Brenneman as Mary. Xavier Samuel is also expected to return, but it is unclear if he will be playing a new role. However, he may make an appearance in flashbacks.

The series is already popular with millions of viewers. The first season developed an intricate plot, and it earned a high Rotten Tomatoes score. The second season will continue the story that began with Emma Hall. She dated serial killer Kit Park, but cannot remember whether she took part in his crimes or not. With the help of Peter Guillory, she investigates the dark side of a Louisiana town. Meanwhile, Emma gets support from a former foster care foster mother, Mary Barlow, who has been searching for her daughter.

The second season of Tell Me Your Secrets will feature a number of standout thriller episodes and will continue the story of Emma and her family. The series was created by Harriet Warner and was initially set to premiere on TNT before moving to Amazon Prime Video.

Critics’ thoughts

Tell Me Your Secrets is an American television series. The show was originally sold to TNT in 2017, filmed in 2018 and sat until 2020 before being picked up by Amazon. It is currently airing on Amazon Prime Video. Critics have mixed opinions on the show, but most agree that it is a psychological thriller with a lot of emotional stakes.

The first season of Tell Me Your Secrets ended in a dramatic twist. We learned that Emma was innocent and John Tyler was a psychopathic predator. The show’s cliffhanger has left viewers guessing about what the future holds for Emma. Meanwhile, Mary Barlow is a mother who has been trying to understand her daughter’s disappearance and hopes to find her daughter alive.

Amazon Prime is likely gauging the show’s popularity and deciding whether or not to air a second season. The number of viewers suggests that Amazon can profit from this show, but the mixed reviews are a cause for concern. Many viewers either love or hate the show. Only a handful of critics said that the show was indifferent.

The first season was full of intense drama, with a thrilling concept. The concept of a mother looking for her missing daughter is captivating, and the series’ characters are engaging. The second season focuses on a single mother who is dealing with a complex family crisis.

The story is an emotional roller coaster and has many cliffhangers. One of the biggest questions that viewers are likely to have is why everyone seems so obsessed with Karen. The show follows her from her arrest to her time in the Witness Protection Program.